FIFO Tips & Tricks: The FIFO Wife

Sep 10, 2017

This is just a quick round up of what I think helps for smooth sailing for FIFO life. These are the things that I do to get through each swing. These aren’t in any order just as I have thought of them.

1 Be organised with the house. It doesn’t have to look like its about to under go a white glove treatment, but I think having a tidy house creates a more ‘calm’ atmosphere which is majorly helpful when the kids are in melt down stage. I find if the house is out of order general so is our routine. Everything in its place or masterfully hidden.

2. Have a routine. Its the one thing that must have. I have had one since the birth of my first boy and its my saving grace. Mine operates around meal times (its like a zoo atmosphere) break fast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner then bed. With all our jobs in between. Bed time is 730pm no later not negotiable. That time after 730pm is MY time.

3.Have the kids help around the house. My boys started doing chores at 4 years old. They hang there own washing, make their own beds, wash, wipe and put away their own dishes. If they want to live in our house they contribute to its running. We don’t give pocket money after all I don’t get paid for looking after them.

4.Meal planners. Knowing what Im having for dinner is so helpful. I plan a week in advance. Its not only helpful for budgets but time management is easier to.

5.Do a freezer meal day. I try and manage to have one day a month where I cook a bunch of freezer friendly meals so on the off days where I cant be bothered cooking I just pull one out and all I have to do is cook pasta or rice.

6.Being orgainised in general. I dont have any outside help for appointments when husband is away from home. So I have a three step method in being orgainised. 1. a diary to mark all the long term appointments 2. weekly planner which I write up every sunday. I transfer details from the diary and ipod on to here. 3. My ipod/ iphone to mark appointemnts when Im out and about.

7.Have activities bags pre-packed. We have basketball and swimming three times a week so every Sunday I ensure that the boys have packed these and ready to go waiting in the laundry. Its the boys responsibility to ensure they have all their stuff otherwise they miss out.

8. Snack boxes. I have had one of these loosely for a while but now that the boys are getting older they are eating more. So I have one at the bottom of the fridge. Its meant to last the week but once its gone its gone.

9.You time. I learnt this the hard way. Now I take half an hour everyday on my runner. Its an appointment to myself. If you don’t look after you then your stuck.

10.Put your marriage first. I know I know I cop so much flack for this but seriously you fell in love for a reason. Remember to take an interest in your spouse vice verse. Happy couple, happy house, happy kids isn’t that what it’s all about.

11.Take care of yourself financially. Please do this a little bank account just for you. $10 a week, you never ever know.

12.Never say daddy is leaving again. Say mummy and daddy is off to work. Show them on a map where there are. Our daddy is offshore and we track him via a map on the internet. I think otherwise it may cause some sort of anxiety.

Source: The FIFO Wife

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