Feb 19, 2020

We all go through a rough patch every now and then and usually, it is during these low times that we find it hardest to look after ourselves. Where do I begin to start looking after my emotional wellbeing? Many people will ask themselves as it is not something that comes naturally to most of us. We are constantly putting our loved ones first or just don’t know how to look after ourselves.

One way you can start thinking about how to look after yourself when times are tough is to create a self-care plan. A self-care plan is made up by you for you, in this plan you include how you are going to keep:

  • Physical self-care. This can include having a regular sleep routine, a healthy diet, exercising regularly etc.
  • Emotional self-care. This can include developing supportive friendships, do things that you enjoy such as going to the beach/movies, talk to your friends and family about how you are coping with stresses.
  • Psychological self-care. Looking after your psychological health can include participating in non-work activities/hobbies, take time to relax and reflect.
  • Spiritual self-care. This doesn’t necessarily only include churches/mosques/temples but also mindfulness, connecting with the land (going for walks in the bush), meditation or yoga.
  • Professional / Workplace self-care. Looking after yourself in the workplace can include peer support from other colleagues, attending everything available to you such as professional development, take your lunch breaks to refresh.
  • Maintain relationships can be done by prioritising close relationships, quality communication (even if it is time limited being able to have a meaningful conversation), attending family and friends’ events whenever possible.

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